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This class page is here to provide enrichment and review activities with skills that we have learned this year.  This work is not mandatory and will not be graded. There are no deadlines or assessments.  I have created portfolios for each student on Classroom Dojo. They are designed to help your children maintain their current academic skills. Attached you will find the link for our class and the classroom code for the website. Please contact me if you have any issues with the Classroom Dojo site. I have also uploaded some great educational websites under "Useful Links" on this class page and on Classroom Dojo that we use in class.


  1. Go to https://www.classdojo.com/
  2. Click “sign up as a student”
  3. Next, you will click the blue triangle that says “ABC” where it says “Enter your class text code."
  4. Next, enter the class text code. Our class code is “FGK RYB” Please let me know if this code is invalid or expires. It expires after a couple of days.

  5.  When you enter the class code it will bring you to our class. If you do not see your child’s name please let me know. Click your child’s name and you will see their page. Any posts that I upload will come up on this page.

  6. Finally, you will see two tabs at the top. One says “Home” and the other says “Portfolio.” Click the “Portfolio” tab. This will show you all of the enrichment activities and site links that I uploaded that your child can work on.

If you have any trouble opening up links or PDF files please let me know. I will be adding more activities and reaching out each day to see if you need additional support. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! 

Optional Writing Prompts:

-If you could have any secret super power, what would you want it to be and why?
-Write about 3 places you would like to travel someday. What do these three places have in common?
-If you were in charge of planning the school lunch menu, what foods would you serve each day?
-What are 3 of your favorite things about Spring? Why do you like these things?
-What are you looking forward to most about coming back to school? Why?
-What are your favorite things to do at home? 
-What are your favorite things to do over summer vacation?
-Who makes you feel happy? Why does this person make you happy?
-What are your favorite animals? What do you like about them?
-What is a food you hate? Write about it!

March 30, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day:
Variety - a collection of different things.
Sentence: "Walmart is my favorite store because it has a variety of items!"

March 31, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day:
- a strong wish.
Sentence: "I have a strong desire to go to the ice cream parlor."

April 1, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: 
Indicate - to point out or show something.
Sentence: "The map indica
tes where the treasure is buried."
I added another great interactive website to the "Useful Links" page. Its called Funbrain. It has games, books, and other fun educational activities for students to do! You can even read books right from the site without printing them.

April 2, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Contribute - to give something such as, money, goods, or time, to help others.
Sentence: The volunteers contributed their time towards cleaning up the city. April 3, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Perseverance - not giving up, continuing to show effort.
Sentence: "Tyler perseveres with his piano lessons because he wants to do well in the recital performance."  April 6, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Annual - happening once a year.
Sentence: "Our annual trip to Knoebels is in July." April 7, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Brawny - strong, muscular.
Sentence: "The brawny firefighters saved the people from the burning building."   April 8, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Flexible - able to bend easily.
Sentence: "The flexible gymnast walked across the balance beam."  April 9, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Scatter - to toss or place here and there. Sentence: "He scattered his toys all around the house."
April 10, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Announce - to make known.
Sentence: “The principal announced that the soccer game was canceled.” April 13, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Tranquil - peaceful or quiet. Sentence: "We sat by the tranquil lake and watched the sunrise."  April 14, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Gleaming - shining or bright.  Sentence: "Lily's teeth were gleaming after she went to the dentist."   Additional Writing Prompts: -If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you be and why?
-What are 5 favorite things that you have in your house?
-Spring is a time for new beginnings. What new activity would you like to begin?
-What is your favorite ice cream flavor?    April 15, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day:  Prefer - to like one thing better than another.
Sentence: “Alex prefers chocolate ice cream rather than vanilla ice cream.” April 16, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Examine - to look at something very carefully.  "The students examined the frog during the science experiment." 

April 17, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Imitate - to copy someone or something. 
Sentence: "The girl imitated her brother when he made a funny face."

April 20, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Amusement - something that is fun or makes you happy.
Sentence: "The children went on every roller coaster ride at the amusement park."

April 21, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day:
 Ponder - to think about something very carefully.
Sentence: "He pondered what he wanted to do outside this afternoon."

April 22, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: 
Abundance - a very large amount.
Sentence: "There was an abundance of food at the Thanksgiving dinner."
Optional Writing Prompt: Today is Earth Day! Earth Day is a day to celebrate our beautiful planet! It is a day to remind us to take care of the environment that we live in. What things can you do to help our environment and celebrate Earth Day?

April 23, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Enormous - very large in size.
Sentence: “The elephant at the zoo was enormous!”
April 24, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: obvious - easily seen, or understood.
Sentence: “It is obvious that we cannot play outside today because of the rain.”
April 27, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Strive - to put forth effort, to try your best.
Sentence: "The students strive everyday."

April 28, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Anticipate - to expect or predict.
Sentence: “We anticipated that we had to wait in line at the grocery store.”

April 29, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day:  Fragile - something that is easily damaged or broken.
Sentence: We had to be very careful with the lamp because it was fragile."

April 30, 2020 - Vocabulary
Word of the Day: Minute (my-noot) - very small, tiny.
Sentence: "The scratch on the table was minute."

May 1, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day:  Receive - to be given something.
Sentence: I received a gift in the mail today."

May 4, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: 
Dismay- feeling sorrow or sadness.“We had a feeling of dismay when we lost the baseball game.”

May 5, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Desirable - worth having or wanting.
Sentence: "The most desirable item in the cafeteria was the pizza."

May 6, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Sufficient - enough to achieve a goal or fill a need.

Sentence: "We did not have to go to the store because we had a sufficient amount of food."

May 7, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Unknown- something that is not known or familiar to us.
Sentence: "The soldiers explored the unknown land."

May 8, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: 
Ease- to do something carefully or be able to do something without difficulty.

Sentence: “We eased down the mountain on our hike.”

May 11, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: hesitate - to pause before saying or doing something.

Sentence: "She hesitated before reading her speech to the class."

May 12, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Energetic - to be very active or lively.
Sentence: "The energetic dogs ran around the house."

May 13, 2020 - Vocabulary Word of the Day: Elated - to make someone happy, to be happy.

Sentence: "I felt elated when the sun came out."

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