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Technology Education 8th Grade Wood Shop

8th grade woodshop is offered to students in the 8th grade. Activities are primarily woodworking related, as students use hand and power tools to develop technological problem solving abilities. Academic skills, especially mathematics, are applied to the design, planning, and successful completion of several woodworking projects. Also included is information concerning the latest technological developments in the lumbering and woods industry. Students are encouraged to develop interests, values, knowledge, and motor skills related to life and careers. Safety is stressed throughout the course, and the use of computers is integrated into some lessons. 
8th Grade Woodshop google classroom code - savqqku

Computer-Aided Drafting and Design I (CADD l) is a full year course recommended for students interested in Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design or any other technology or computer related career.  Students solve problems using AutoCAD in sketching, basic drafting techniques, dimensioning, geometry, architectural drawing, multi-view drawing, pictorial drawings, three (3) dimensional drawing, and plotting or printing drawings.  Some concepts are taught manually before applying AutoCAD in order to facilitate better comprehension.  A constant attempt is made to incorporate, apply and develop mathematical skills throughout the course.  Parts of several texts are used.
CADD I google classroom code - cahjpjf

Prerequisite: Computer Aided Drafting and Design I  (CADD I)

Computer Aided Drafting II is a full year course for students interested in Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design, or any other computer or technology related career.  The purpose of this course is to further develop skills learned in Computer- Aided Drafting And Design I (CADD I). Students solve problems in advanced drafting techniques, section drawings, architectural details, three dimensional drawings, and more difficult mechanical drawings.  Students also construct architectural models from their drawings, and design and produce a prototype of a product.  Students may choose to concentrate on a specific area of CADD, CNC machining and focus on appropriate research and projects to achieve their goals. 
CADDII google classroom code - zaymxgm

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