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Patricia Sload

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Welcome to Room 217

Welcome to Room 217

Twas the Summer Before Geometry | Small Online Class for Ages 13-17 |  Outschool

Please refer to Google Classroom for all assignments and announcements.

Please refer to the Sapphire Page for updated grades.

Google Classroom Codes

Honors Geometry Period 1:g5ws4r3 
Geometry Period 2: x6hgad3
Honors Geometry Period 3 : ereih4e
Geometry Period 4: bsnw3k5
Honors Geometry Period 7/8: npgf7kx
Geometry Period 11: ofwo3qw

Course Objective

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that studies both shapes, and the properties of space.

The goal of this course is to help develop your skills with visual and pictorial geometric representations, and to emphasize modeling as a strategy to solve real world problems.  This course will help develop your analytical thinking skills, as well as strengthen your algebraic skills through applications to solving geometric problems. 

Geometry Course Outline:

Unit #

Topics Covered 

Unit #1


(Need to know math!!)


Introduction to Formulas

Shaded Area

Pythagorean Theorem

Distance Formula

Pythagorean Triples

Midpoint, Distance, and Slope

Special Right Triangles

Trigonometric Functions

Unit #2

Foundations of Geometry

Unit #3


Conditional Statements

Inductive Reasoning

Unit #4

Parallel Lines and Angles

Unit #5

Properties of Triangles

Unit #6

Properties of Quadrilaterals

Unit #7

Properties of Circles

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