French IV - Period 4

Online Enrichment and Review French IV

When we met four years ago, I never thought that I would one day be teaching you guys online.  While this system is not perfect and there will be many bumps along the way, this is how we will continue our online enrichment and review for French IV.  Some of your classmates still haven’t signed up for our Google Classroom, and I ask you to help me get the message out. 

Looking back at your French careers, I hope you realize that we’ve learned a lot.  There isn’t a vocabulary theme or a grammar topic that we haven’t touched.  To end our French days together, we will focus on communication—writing, speaking, presenting, and interacting in French.  I do not expect your responses to be perfect.  In life, no one is perfect, and it takes an effort to communicate with others. We will practice our French and communicate together.  Whether or not you use French after graduation is a choice you’ll have to make.  However, I can assure you that you all have the knowledge and skill to communicate in the French language.  In the future, when someone asks if you speak a second language, proudly say “oui” and shoot your shot. 

I plan on having 3 tasks and 3 Zoom sessions each week of our online enrichment and review. 

During each week, I will assign three tasks on Google Classroom.
1st Task:  Answer question #1 in French.  Reply to the response of a classmate in French.  If you’d like, reply to multiple responses.  I’m looking to create some type of French discussion with this question.      
2nd Task:  Complete an activity.  Sometimes this activity will be to watch a short video clip, to listen to a song, or to view an image and then to give an opinion or make an observation in French.  Reply to the response of a classmate in French.  If you’d like, reply to multiple responses.  I’m looking to create some type of French discussion with this activity.
3rd Task:  Record yourself speaking in French about a topic/prompt (30-60 seconds) and then send to me.  Just like during the year, this spoken assignment should not be scripted.  Think about the topic/prompt and then start speaking.

During each week, I will hold 3 short sessions on Zoom.  Each session is not expected to last more than 20 minutes, but gives us a chance to speak to each other, check on each other, and practice our French.  We will talk about life, use some of the time for Fronly conversation, and maybe do a little show and tell or Anything Goes. 

I’m looking at French IV Zoom sessions to occur on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 12:00.  Please let me know if that time of day conflicts with any of your other responsibilities.  While some people are still signing up for Google Classroom and getting back into “school mode,” we won’t have our 1st Zoom meeting until Wednesday, April 1st.  In order to attend our Zoom meetings, you will have to click on a link and enter a password.  I will post the link and password on Google Classroom the morning of each Zoom session.  You DO NOT need to download Zoom or register for Zoom to enter the session.  Once you do enter, please use your French name as your identifier.  During our first session, we will talk about how Zoom will work, and I’m sure you’ll have many ideas for me and improvement. 

These tasks and Zoom sessions are not meant to stress you out.  In school, I want my class to be a breath of fresh air and a time where you can relax, de-stress, and be yourself.  I’m hoping this will continue in our online class.  For now, nothing is graded.  Do your best, show some effort, and remember, I will always take care of you. 

Remember, this is new for all of us, but in challenging times we rely on family.  I consider you to be my family, and I will be there for you.  Whatever you need, let me know.  I’m hoping these small assignments and online sessions together will bring some normalcy back to your life.  These last two weeks have been scary, and we all need to get back to normal.  Don’t forget, there’s a crazy guy who has been changed by your class and who is waiting to see you again and ask if you want to talk about it. 

Stay healthy, be honest, and talk to me.  I’ll see you in Zoom.


I've updated the Gradebook.  If you are missing an assignment and would like an alternative assignment to replace your blank grade, contact me.  Once you complete the assignment, I will update your grade.

Hi, guys!  I hope you are all healthy, staying safe, and spending some quality time with your families.  I miss you all, and I hope to be standing in front of you soon with my jokes, rants, and wisdom.  Yes, education will be happening, and I know that you all want to talk about it! These are difficult times, but we will get through this rough experience together.  What's all over my hand?  
That's right.  I've got you.
Mr. Lucas

I'm hoping that we will start some work together next week.  
In the meantime, if you would like to practice your French, do a recording on what you've been doing over the past few days and send it to me.  Maybe show me an object or two and describe it...virtual show and tell.  I would like to hear if you've learned anything about future college plans.

If you're looking to be engaged with some French, you can try watching a Netflix movie in French, listening to some French music, or chatting with each other in French.  

Once we start with official online school work, I will be using my website, Google Classroom, and Zoom to communicate with you and engage you.  My plan is to focus on communication--speaking and writing to communicate with each other.  We will try to meet as a class on Zoom to do some conversations and show and tell, we will do some speaking activities, and continue with our recordings.  Your French has improved so much this year, and I am in awe of what you are able to do.  

Before next week, would you please do the following?
1.  Download the Zoom app, if you don't already have it.  This is a great platform to see the class and work with each other.  I'm planning on using this.  
2.  Join our Google Classroom page.  Class Code:  5oo5w25.
3.  Send me a text or e-mail with your name, cell phone number, and e-mail address.  My phone number and e-mail address are below.  I'm going to try to set up a group e-mail or text message to keep you guys informed with Zoom meeting links and other necessary information.  

Take a breath, relax, and remember, everything is going to work out.  This year was supposed to be the best ever...there were some hiccups along the way, but I still think you're the best class I've ever encountered.  Keep up the good work, and let me know if you have any questions.
I look forward to catching up soon.  :) 

Mr. Lucas

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