French IV - Period 4
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Welcome to French IV!
I look forward to working with you for one final year of French.

Which réseau social is used by professionals in France? 

Present Tense Quiz--Due Friday, 9/6/19
Quiz on Vocab 1--Wednesday, 9/11/19
Speaking Quiz (Mon Week-end)--Due Monday, 9/17/19
Quiz on E-mail writing--Tuesday, 9/17/19
Graded E-mail Due--Monday, 9/23/19
Test 1--Wednesday, 9/25/19
E-mail Test Due--Friday, 9/27/19
La parure quiz Due--Friday, 10/4/19
Quiz Materials Vocab--Thursday, 10/10/19
Speaking Quiz (La technologie)--Due Tuesday, 10/15/19
Test 2--Thursday, 10/17/19