French I - Periods 3 and 7/8
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Welcome to French I at Dunmore High School.
I look forward to working with you, learning about you, and welcoming you into my French family.  Best wishes for a successful year!

Bonus for Test #2--In French, write the season and year for the next Olympics which will be held in France.  Additionally, which two sports have given France the most Olympic medals?

Upcoming Assessments:
Thursday, 9/5--Quiz, French Alphabet
Wednesday, 9/11--Quiz, French Greetings 
Tuesday, 9/17--Quiz, French Days, Months, and Numbers 
Friday, 9/20--Test #1
Monday, 9/23--Cognate Poster Due 
Friday, 9/27--Quiz, Colors and Subject Pronouns
Tuesday, 10/1--Quiz, Vocab A
Thursday, 10/3--Quiz, Vocab B
Tuesday, 10/8--Quiz, ER conjugations
Friday, 10/11--Test #2