AP French - Period 4
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Welcome to AP French!
This course will be a challenging one, but your French skills will improve.  
AP French Language and Culture Exam--Friday, May 15th (Piece of Cake) 

Check your AP HW Sheet for the week to see what is due in the Online textbook.

Which résau social do French professionals use?  

Verb Quiz Due Friday, 9/6/19
Vocab 1 Quiz--Wednesday, 9/11/19 
Speaking Journal Due--Monday, 9/16/19
Quiz E-mail Writing--Tuesday, 9/17/19
Graded E-mail Due--Monday, 9/23/19
Test 1--Wednesday, 9/25/19
E-mail Test Due--Friday, 9/27/19
Theme 1 Online Test Due--Monday, 9/30/19
La parure Quiz Due--Friday, 10/4/19
Quiz Materials Vocab--Thursday, 10/10/19
Speaking Quiz Due--Tuesday, 10/15/19
Test 2--Thursday, 10/17/19